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            Just Let Her Know You Love Her

            How ever can I explain it? Tell me, where do I begin,
            to try and justify the cause of just another sin?
            I remember the day she told me, and the fear within her eyes.
            I hid my love for you behind ``it's-your-decision'' lies.

            How could I fight a verdict that she so quickly made?
            All I could do was love her, and try to ease her pain.
            I guess I always thought that atonement could be mine--
            if we had another child someday, we'd undo this tragic crime.

            I wish that I could blame her, to help relieve my guilt,
            But I only blame myself, and I know I always will.
            I should have protected you, instead of her or me.
            But I loved her so much, living for her touch....
            That's what I hope you'll see.

            Now, I see you up in Heaven, your finger pointing down,
            upon the lap of Christ, millions of innocents, gathered `round.
            Knowing you are in Heaven, offers some relief to me
            because our all-forgiving God has promised to set me free.

            I know we'll be joined together, as family once again
            when our time on earth is over and our eternity can begin.
            So please forgive us both, for such a selfish task.
            Just let her know you love her; it's all I'll ever ask.

            -- Anonymous

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