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    Volume One, 1992-1993
    Report on the latest pro-abortion research; Planned Parenthood v. Casey; Abortion / Suicide connection; the JAMA coverup; Abortion and subsequent substance abuse; Identifying high risk abortion cases; Abortion and the feminization of poverty; Why we should be both pro-woman and pro-life.

    Volume Two, 1994
    Rape and incest pregnancies; Abortion malpractice manual for attorneys; Informed Consent; Advantages of a pro-woman / pro-life strategy.

    Volume Three, 1995
    The post-abortion healing approach; Model pro-life legislation; Welfare reform and abortion; Psychology of despair and hope; the "Koop Report; " Pope speaks to post-abortive women; Morality of the post-abortion strategy; Women's right to know; Review of pro-abortion research; Book reviews; News briefs.

    Volume Four, 1996
    Reflections of aborting women; Abortion and the Bobbitt case; Abortion and domestic violence; Men and abortion. 

    Volume Five,  1997
    The impact of abortion on Generation X; Abortion and suicide; Being kind to "vegetables", Despair vs. Hope, Knowing your audience in the abortion debate; Lessons we should have learned since Roe; Psychological effects of abortion on women; Hidden agenda of population controllers; Finding real answers about abortion; Book reviews.

    Volume Six, 1998
    Abortion and child abuse; Women at Risk Conference; A Fable of the triumph of post-abortion healing; Hope and Healing; Lies about the morning after pill; the threat of jail for substance abuse during pregnancy; Book Reviews.

    Volume Seven, 1999
    Post-abortion ministry in prisons; the Kate Michelman story; Finding healing after abortion; Exposing Deceptive Abortion Practices.

    Volume Eight, 2000
    Coerced Abortions; Manipulation of Teens; Women are FOUR TIMES more likely to die after abortion compared to childbirth; Flaws in U.S. data on abortion deaths; ER Doctor describes abortion complications coverup; Pro-woman and pro-life politics; Reports on New Studies

    Volume Nine, 2001
    Abortion's Special Dangers to Adolescents; Protective Effects of Childbirth; Abortion and African Americans; Introduction to Forbidden Grief; Cloning and Human Engineering; New Book Documents all major Studies on Abortion Complications; and much more.  

    Volume Ten, 2002
    Long Term Depression Linked to Abortion; Major Class Action Lawsuits Target Abortion; Coping With Abortion; How Abortion Can Impact a Marriage; New Study Shows Abortion Death Rate Much Higher than Previously Known; Women Need More Mental Health Treatment After Abortion, New Study Finds; Propaganda About Violence Distorts the Abortion Debate; Abortion Clinics Concealing Sex Crimes; IVF, Abortion & Coercion; Groups Petition FDA to Shelve RU-486; Abortion May Affect Mothering and Development of Later Children; News Briefs; Testimonies and more.

    Volume Eleven, 2003
    Traumatic Grief and Post-Abortion Trauma; Healing for Women Who Have Just Had Abortions: Two Views; Risk of Psychiatric Hospitalization Rises After Abortion; Study Links Abortion With Depression; The Impact of Abortion After Prenatal Testing; Book Reviews, Testimonies and more.

    Volume Twelve, 2004
    Higher Death Rates Among Women Who Had Abortions; Mental Health Treatments Higher After Abortion; Abortion Businesses Concealing Sex Crimes; Talking With Your Children About Your Abortion; How Abortion Can Impact A Marriage; IVF & Abortion; Abortion's Impact on Parenting & Later Children; Book Excerpts; Testimonies and more.

    Volume Thirteen, 2005
    America's Coerced Abortion Epidemic; Women Three Times More Likely to Die After Abortion; History of Abuse Among Aborting Women Studied; Trauma Symptoms, Pressure to Abort Are Common; When the Freedom to Choose Isn't; Persecution of Women and Unborn Children Around the World; Higher Substance Abuse Rates Among Pregnant Women After Abortion; Trauma's Impact on Future Relationships;  Abortion Liked to Child Abuse; Mom, Dad ... I'm Pregnant; Testimonies; News Briefs and more.

    Volume Fourteen, 2006
    Study Lead by Pro-Choice Researcher Finds Increase in Mental Health Problems After Abortion; "Unwanted" Births Better Than Abortion for Teens; Women Want to Know About Medical Risks; APA Spokesperson Says Evidence of Abortion Harm Doesn't Matter; Sleep Disorders Increase After Abortion; Excerpts from Giving Sorrow Words: Women's Stories of Grief After Abortion; RU-486 and Population Control; Testimonies; News Briefs and more.


    Volume Fifteen, 2007
    Note: Due to technical problems, some files have been lost and we are not able to upload files from 2007. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


    Volume Sixteen, 2008

    Study Finds High Rates of PTSD Among Women Who Had Abortions; Women in Developing Countries Say They Don't Want Abortion; Woman's Death Part of Dangerous Trend of Unwanted Abortion and Post-Abortion Trauma; Men, Abortion and Suicide; South Dakota Abortion Businesses Close Rather Than Inform Women of Abortion Complications; Chair of APA Abortion Task Force Violates Ethics Rules; Study Gives Further Proof of Abortion/Depression Link


    Volume Seventeen, 2010
    Nebraska First to Allow Women to Sue for Psychological Injury After Abortion; New Study Affirms Link Between Abortion and Mental Health Problems  and more.


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