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"This may be the most powerful book ever published on abortion."- Conservative Book Club

"Quite simply indispensable. From this point on, any feminist who fails to acknowledge...abortion trauma can justly be accused of indifference to women's pain." - Juli Loesch, Feminists for Life, Harmony


by David C. Reardon

This is the book that is redefining the abortion debate. A comprehensive review of the aftereffects of abortion, this book documents:  
  • The physical aftereffects of abortion
  • The psychological aftereffects of abortion
  • Characteristics of high-risk abortion patients
  • Post-abortion conversion and reconciliation patterns
  • Complete testimonies of 20 aborted women
  • A detailed national survey of 252 aborted women
It is a definitive work. Focus On The Family's CITIZEN magazine calls it the "standard reference book on post-abortion problems." Booklist, the professional librarian's buying guide, rates it "highly recommended." Librarian's World recommends it as "an excellent resource recommended for all libraries." Pro-life reviewers are even less restrained: 
  • "Deeply researched...powerful analysis...thoroughly readable." - Fidelity
  • "Moving, thoughtful, and informative." - Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, Author
  • "An exposé of the unscrupulous abortion merchants."- Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist
  • "Cuts through exploited women a voice."- National Catholic Reporter
  • "Do yourself a favor and buy this book."- Dr. Wanda Franz, President, National Right to Life
  • "Well-written, informative, powerful and in the end hopeful." - Voices in the Wilderness

List Price: $24.95.

Toll-free Orders: 1-888-41-ACORN (1-888-412-2676)

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