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Do people have to believe in God to benefit from post-abortion counseling?

Post-abortion therapists are prepared to help people of every religious background, or no religious background. Most are very respectful of the religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) of the women and men they serve. 

Because abortion involves issues of death and moral responsibility, however, it is natural and necessary for the religious and spiritual beliefs of the client to be explored. 

Another major issue, for many, is letting go of the anger and resentment that are keeping them trapped in the past. For these women and men, the ability to draw on their religious beliefs can become an aid in dealing with issues of forgiveness. 

Many others are in great distress over the question, "If my baby had a soul, where is it now?" If this is a stumbling block toward healing, it will be important to address this spiritual issue from a religious perspective. 

In short, post-abortion counseling can benefit everyone, even those who don't believe in God.

But many counselors report that they have been able to help atheistic patients cope with a past abortion only up to a point. These patients often appear to "stall out" short of the more complete healing that counselors witness in women and men who can draw on a "higher power."

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