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 How to Contact Editors to Arrange for Placement Of Hope and Healing

Insertion Order for Hope and Healing

Dear Advertising Editor: 

To ensure correct placement of Hope and Healing in your newspaper, please fill out the
following information and return this sheet to the organization listed below. 

Name of School:________________________________________________________ 

Name of Newspaper:____________________________________________________ 

Contact Name:_____________________________ Phone: _____________________ 

Fax:________________________ Email: ___________________________ 

Date inserts will be placed in your newspaper: ________________________________ 

Deadline date for inserts to be delivered: ____________________________________ 

Circulation for your newspaper: ___________________________ 

Insertion Cost Per Thousand: ____________________________ 

Total Cost: __________________________________ 

Mailing Address: _______________________________________ 


Shipping Address:         ____________________________________ 

(for delivery of inserts)  ____________________________________

Shipping Instructions:

Do you have a loading dock, so that the inserts can be delivered on a pallet?   YES     NO
(If not delivered on pallet, will be delivered in boxes.) 

Should the inserts be delivered UNFOLDED (11.375" x 13.5")  or  FOLDED (Folded in half 11.375" x 6.75")
(circle one)                    UNFOLDED                 FOLDED

Before signing, please verify that the above information is complete and accurate.

Signature of Approval __________________________________________________________ 

Please mail or fax this sheet to: 

(Person or organization arranging for the insert should place their name and address and phone number in the place noted above and forward a signed copy of the order to:

Elliot Insititute
PO Box 7348
Springfield, IL 62791-7348
Phone: 217-525-8202  Fax: 217-525-8212.)

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copyright 1998 Elliot Institute
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