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Persuading the Editor to Accept Hope and Healing

Use these arguments in your follow-up letter to persuade newspaper staff to accept Hope and Healing as an advertising supplement:

Journalistic Ethics Arguments

  • Campus newspapers that engage in fair journalistic practices help to create a learning experience for the student body, promote freedom of speech, and encourage healthy debate.
  • I am aware of the difficulties of the editorial decision-making process on sensitive issues, but campus journalism traditionally handles sensitive issues. Most students and faculty members are mature enough to handle the content of this publication.
  • "I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend your right to say it."-Voltaire
  • If the editorial staff has admitted a personal pro-abortion bias, you should address the following argument to the faculty advisor:
  • It is not generally within the range of experience of any editorial board to claim to speak for an entire campus's position on the abortion issue; they can fairly claim only their viewpoint. Many students will be helped by learning about the potential risks of abortion and by gaining access to counseling services in the community.
  • Community, regional, and national newspapers continue to cover abortion-related issues such as partial-birth abortion, abortion-related breast cancer, and post-abortion syndrome. This is a reasonable and timely issue that should be addressed, discussed, and debated on campus.

Arguments Regarding Benefit to the Student Population
  • The fear that this publication will offend those who support abortion does not offset the fact that it can provide real aid and comfort to those who are struggling with a past abortion.
  • Censoring this publication for political reasons does a grave disservice to those people who would benefit from it, even if they represent only a minority of the population.
  • As a community service, local pregnancy centers and churches offer counseling to women and men suffering from emotional trauma after abortion. It is good for students to become more aware of these resources.
  • Abortion has been definitively linked to an increased risk of suicide. (Gissler, M., Hemminki, E., Lonnqvist, J., "Suicides after pregnancy in Finland: 1987-94: Register linkage study" British Medical Journal, 313:1431-4, 1996) Given the additional stress of college life, this publication may help prevent suicides among students who are most at risk.

Responding to the Charge That "Post-Abortion Syndrome is a Myth"
  • The Supreme Court itself has concluded that abortion can involve "grave emotional and psychological consequences." (H.L. v. Matheson, 450 U.S. 398, 412-413, 1980)
In its most recent abortion ruling, the Supreme Court even concluded that lack of proper disclosure of abortions risks can result in "devastating psychological consequences." (Planned Parenthood v. Casey 505 U.S. 833, 882, 1992)
  • Even the most vocal abortion proponents admit that at least a minority of women experience physical or emotional complications after an abortion.
Planned Parenthood, for example, has acknowledged that at least 10 percent of women who have abortions will experience depression and at least 5 percent are at risk for severe psychiatric disturbances after abortion. ("The Emotional Effects of Induced Abortion," Fact Sheet, New York: PPFA, 1993)
  • Another Planned Parenthood publication observed: "Women can have a variety of emotions following an abortion (grief, depression, anger, guilt, relief, etc.) It is important to give her the opportunity to air these feelings and be reassured that her feelings are normal . . . ." (Saltzman, L. & Policar, M., The Complete Guide to Pregnancy Testing & Counseling, San Francisco: Planned Parenthood of Alameda/San Francisco, 1985, p. 94) Hope and Healing actually contributes to the goal of giving women the "the opportunity to air these feelings" and to "be reassured that her feelings are normal . . . ."
 How to Contact Editors to Arrange for Placement Of Hope and Healing

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