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Why We Must Spread Hope and Healing

Dear Friend:

How can we convince people that abortion will make their lives worse, not better?

And how can we help those whose lives have already been devastated by abortion?

The path will be long and hard, but we have a good start with Hope and Healing.

You probably already know that abortion hurts not only women, but also the fathers, grandparents, and siblings of aborted children. Unfortunately, most of them carry their pain in secret, shrouding it in denial and fear.

People like you can change that. Right now, you are holding one of the keys that will open the door to conversion and healing for millions of women and men.

I've been doing post-abortion research and education since 1983. I believe that we have never been in a better position to blow the lid off the coverup of post-abortion trauma. We have never been in a better position to bring healing and reconciliation to the millions of women and men who are hurting because of a past abortion. And we have never been in a better position to STOP abortion.

In the next few years, the whole abortion debate will be turned upside down.

Abortion clinics will close rather than accept proper liability for abortion-related injuries. Public opinion will shift as people realize that abortion causes far more social and medical ills than it solves. Hardened hearts will soften as more and more women and men publicly testify about the devastation abortion has brought to their lives.

It all begins with post-abortion healing.

As women and men who have had abortions embrace Christ's Mercy, they become His apostles for life. They become witnesses to the truth: whenever a child is killed by abortion, women, men, and society suffer from it. They become healers, going forth to proclaim God's gift of Mercy to others. And they also become champions, standing up in defense of the women and families who are being exploited by abortionists every day.

It's really very simple. Christ's Divine Mercy will transform not only individuals. It will transform society as well.

By promoting post-abortion healing, by educating the public about abortion's aftereffects, and by giving post-aborted women and men a voice in society, we are simply cooperating with God's plan. Everything is built upon the foundation of spreading the Good News of God's Mercy for sinners.

Many of you already know how and why these events will occur. For those who don't, I've discussed these issues in detail in my book Making Abortion Rare: A Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation.

Not a single reader has ever told me that the strategy I described in Making Abortion Rare won't work. We've even offered a refund to readers if they don't agree this is the way the pro-life movement must go. Not one person has ever asked for that refund.

But I'm not trying to pitch my book here. I'm only trying to say that if you are skeptical about our ability to reach these goals, take a look at the bigger picture by reading Making Abortion Rare.

It is no longer a question of "if" the events I've described will take place. It is only a question of when. You can help make it happen faster by becoming an apostle of God's healing mercy.

Please take a few minutes to read  Hope and Healing. Then, once you are convinced that it can help others and save lives, help to distribute Hope and Healing by making a contribution to our matching grant fund or by taking money out of our matching grant fund to place Hope and Healing in your own city or college newspaper.

Sincerely yours for Life in Christ,

David C. Reardon, Ph.D.

Director, Elliot Institute

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