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You can use this letter as an example when composing your own contact letter for newspapers.
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Sample Letter

Dear Advertising Manager/Editor:

Journalism best serves its citizens when it provides meaningful information on all issues, even those issues which might be considered sensitive. When there is a continuous free flow of information, society is assured that journalistic practices are fair and First Amendment rights are being protected.

We wish to place the enclosed twelve-page, full-color supplement, Hope and Healing, in your campus newspaper as a paid insert. This supplement is being distributed to hundreds of colleges and high schools throughout the country.

This supplement is designed to accomplish two goals. First, to increase sensitivity toward the emotional needs of those who have been involved in a past abortion. Second, to offer help, reassurance, and guidance to those women and men who are still trying to find emotional peace after abortion. A resource list for post-abortion counseling and support groups is included on page 2 of the supplement.

Please fill out the enclosed circulation information and insert pricing form and send it to the address or fax number listed at the bottom of the form. This will help us make the proper arrangements for payment of the advertising costs and shipping of the inserts.

If you need more information, please contact me at this number: (555) 555-5555.

Thank you.


Project Coordinator


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