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Springfield, IL -- The Pro-Woman/Pro-Life Introductory Resource Kit, developed by the Elliot Institute, is now available online. Pro-life leaders and others can download these materials free of charge. The kit includes new fact sheets, current research summaries, talking points, and similar resources that are useful for public education and similar outreach. The information is helpful for counselors, students, pro-life activists, or anyone interested in learning more about the impact of abortion on women.

"One of the best kept secrets in the abortion debate is that medical research has conclusively shown that abortion poses significantly greater physical and mental health risks to women than childbirth." said Dr. David C. Reardon, director of the Elliot Institute and host of the new EWTN series "Making Abortion Rare." (

Reardon said this information is particularly important because public opinion polls have shown that as people become more aware of abortion's harmful effects on women, they are less likely to advise others to abort and they are less likely to support pro-abortion political candidates.

The resource kit includes 20 documents, including:

  • New fact sheets about the aftereffects of abortion, including its psychological and physical risks.

  • Media talking points

  • Project ideas, including the "Hope & Healing" newspaper insert distribution project and a sample issue of the insert

  • "Ending Abortion With Compassion/A Healing Strategy" brochure

Web site visitors can download resource kit materials at

The Elliot Institute is the nation's leading provider of information on abortion complications. These new resources are being made available free of charge to assist pro-life activists and leaders to better educate the general public about these new research findings.

"Every pro-life leader should have these new fact sheets in their files," Reardon said. "These provide the latest information that should be worked into every organization's educational materials."

Reardon is asking those who are convinced of the importance of abortion complications on the political debate over abortion to call or email their local, county, or state organizations involved in pro-life or pro-family education, post-abortion ministry, or pregnancy center services to make sure they have downloaded these new fact sheets. "The key to public education is a clear, consistent, and up-to-date message. These materials will help any pro-life organization to bring their own educational efforts up to the cutting edge."

The Elliot Institute promotes research and education on the effects of abortion on women, men, families, and society. The organization seeks to raise public awareness of the impact of abortion and the need for post-abortion healing, to encourage those struggling with past abortions, and to promote a movement that is truly both pro-woman and pro-life.

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