Petition Drive for a Party Platform Addressing Concerns of Women Hurt By Abortions

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Open Letter Appeal to All Americans Who Care About Women Hurt By Abortion

Dear Friends,

        The people who know the most about abortion--the women who have had abortions--are being ignored! They have been there, done that, and hated it.

        We know.   The sponsors of this petition drive include women who have had abortions and post-abortion ministry leaders who have cumulatively served tens of thousands of women for whom abortion has brought a living hell of psychological or physical complications.

        Whether or not you have ever been involved in an abortion, we need your help in calling public attention to the needs of women, men, and families that have been hurt by coerced or dangerous abortions.  Please sign this petition today.

        Sure, abortion is always a big political issue, but the views of women who have actually had abortions are systematically been ignored.   Politicians want to argue about rights, choice, and life, but the practical impact of abortion on the lives of women, and their loved ones, is being ignored by both major political parties.

You can learn more about post-abortion programs offering help to women, men, or families struggling with post-abortion grief, trauma, or other symptoms by following one of the links below.

        Approximately 30 million women have had one or more abortions. Many experienced unwanted, coerced or even forced abortions.  Most are struggling with a grief that cannot be publicly expressed. Many women, men and families struggle with the loss of an authentic, fair and fully informed choice, but above all, the loss of a child.  

        These 30 million voters are more likely to vote for pro-choice candidates, but not because they favor abortion, or more government-funded abortions, or the appointment of pro-abortion judges.   Instead, they gravitate toward the candidate who says "I'm pro-choice" because they hear in this "I don't judge you, but my opponent does."

        Most pro-life candidates do nothing to offset this concern.  Most say nothing to reassure women that they are not condemning those who have had abortions.  Most say nothing to indicate a desire to help those struggling with grief over a past abortion.   Most say nothing about helping to prevent more women from being pressured into unwanted abortions.

A national opinion poll has shown that the majority of voters are more likely to support such a candidate.   In fact,

  • 63 percent of women who identify themselves as "pro-choice" say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports counseling program for women who are struggling with post-abortion grief.

  • Only 16 percent of the public believes abortion generally makes women's lives better.

Most believe abortion is generally detrimental to women and that negative psychological effects are common and relatively severe.

        Americans don't like abortion.   Most would be glad to see abortion go away, as long as it can be done in a way that helps women.   Most also believe that those women who have already had abortions generally face post-abortion problems and deserve help.   But neither political party is addressing these concerns.


        Whether out of ignorance, apathy, or hostility toward women who have had abortions, the Republican and Democratic parties have both failed to acknowledge the epidemic of coerced abortion and the significant numbers of women injured by contraindicated abortions.

        Please join us in our effort to move the concerns of women hurt by abortion front-and-center in this next election cycle.

        Please sign the attached petition to either or both of the political parties asking them to address the concerns of these women in their 2004 national platform statements.

        Your support is needed whether or not you have had an abortion.

         Your signature is simply a sign that you care.

        Thank you,

Signatures of Principal Sponsors*
(Representative Sample)

Nancyjo Mann
Founder, Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA)
Vickie Thorn
National Office Post-Abortion Healing and Reconciliation
Theresa Burke, Ph.D.
Rachel's Vineyard National Office
Sonja Kvale
Hope Alive, USA
Martha Shuping, M.D.
Rachel Network
Sydna Masse 
Ramah International
Theresa Bonopartis 
Chris Jackman 
Project Grace
Elizabeth Verchio 
Victims of Choice
Georgette Forney 
Silent No More Awareness Campaign / NOEL
Susan Stanford-Rue, Ph.D.
Institute for Pregnancy Loss
Therese Douglas
Susan Mosely
Silent No More
Rhonda Arias 
Oil of Joy
Rosemary Benefield 
Rachel's Hope
Chris Jackman
Project Grace
Cinny Roy
H.E.A.R.T. Inc.
Leslie Graves
Rachel's Vineyard
Grace Kern
Healing Hearts Ministry
Complete List Here

* Signatures represent the endorsement of the named individuals only.   Affiliations to organizations are listed for identification purposes only.

Public Figures & Leaders Endorsing the Petition*
(Representative Sample)

Congressman Joe Pitts
U.S. House of Representatives
Jennifer O'Neill
Actress / Jennifer O'Neill Ministries
Kristen Day
Democrats For Life
Judie Brown
American Life League Inc.
Mary Cunningham Agee
Nurturing Network, President
John C. Willke, M.D.
Life Issues Institute
Pat Goltz
Feminists for Life, Co-Founder
Mariam Bell
The Wilberforce Forum
Austin Ruse
Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute
Joseph C. Howard, Jr., M.Div.
American Bioethics Advisory Commission
Peggy Hartshorn
Heartbeat International, Inc.
Cecelia M. Cody
California Right to Life Education Fund
Jim Sedlak
STOPP International
Kim Gordon
Iowa Right to Life Committee
Rev. Ruth Schofield
The Washington Report
Fr Frank Pavone
Priests for Life
Kurt Entsminger
Care Net / President
Ronald Di Stasio
Knights of Columbus
Complete List Here

* Signatures represent the endorsement of the named individuals only.   Affiliations to organizations are listed for identification purposes only.

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Petition Letter

Please send my signed petition to one or both of the following:

Edward Gillespie, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

Both Chairmen (Notify both party chairmen of my support for this petition.)

Dear Chairman:

Approximately 30 million American women have had one or more abortions.   But neither major political party has acknowledged their unique experiences and concerns.  These 30 million women, and millions more who empathize with them, represent a growing contingency of disenfranchised voters.

Research indicates that between 30 to 60 percent of women having abortions have felt pressured into unwanted abortions.(1)   Many abortions are the result of horrendous domestic violence.   Moreover, the majority of women who have had abortions struggle with one or more negative emotional or physical reactions associated with their abortions, not the least of which is the fear that others would judge and blame if they knew about their abortions.

The failure of this political party to acknowledge and empathize with the emotional struggles of women who have had abortions, and the party's failure to express concern about preventing coerced abortions, contributes to feelings of alienation and abandonment that are common among these women.

A recent national poll commissioned by a pro-woman advocacy group found that most Americans support government involvement in providing post-abortion counseling programs, funding research into abortion complications, and prevention of coerced abortions.   It also found that 63% of women who describe themselves as pro-choice say they would be more likely to vote for a political candidate who would supports grief counseling programs for women who experience emotional problems after an abortion.

Despite this high degree of empathy from the American people toward these key concerns of women who have abortions, these issues continue to be ignored by both major political parties.

To correct this oversight, I ask that you will support the inclusion of the following two paragraphs into the party's 2004 national platform:

We are deeply concerned that many women are being coerced into unwanted abortions.(1)  These coercive pressures often come from male partners, parents, or others.   Studies show that women who are pregnant are more likely to be verbally abused, beaten, or kicked out of their homes.(2)  Some become targets of homicidal attacks or other acts of violence intended to cause a miscarriage.(3)   In fact, homicide is now the leading cause of death among pregnant women.(4)  Similarly, coerced abortions and brutally induced miscarriages have become two common forms of domestic violence.   Victims of incest and rape are also being pressured into unwanted abortions by sexual predators whose only concern is to cover-up their crimes.(5)   We therefore support and encourage new legislative efforts that will facilitate the prosecution of these abuses of women.  As a positive first step to encourage prosecution of attacks on both women and their unborn children, Congress has passed Laci and Conner's Law.

Even when a woman freely consents to an abortion, her decision is often in conflict with her own moral beliefs, her desire to have the baby, or both.  Any psychological conflict between their fundamental beliefs and actions can result in profound feelings of regret, grief, despair, and more.(6)   As a result, research has shown that abortion is associated with elevated risks of depression,(7) anxiety(8), psychiatric hospitalization(9), divorce(10), drug abuse(11), alcoholism(12), suicide(13), and death from all causes(14).   Therefore, we believe greater compassion and support are indispensable to the process of healing the pains and traumas caused by abortion.  To this end, we applaud the many privately funded programs providing post-abortion counseling to women, men, and families suffering from the negative effects of past abortions.  We encourage state and federal health departments to provide support or make referrals to these programs. We also support the efforts of congressional leaders to provide federal grants for post-abortion counseling programs and for the additional research that is necessary to document the full extent of abortion-related complications.

No person of good will could object to the language above. Certainly, people on both sides of the political controversy surrounding legal abortions should be able to agree that women should not be subjected to coerced or dangerous abortions. People on both sides should also be able to agree that those women, men, and families that are negatively affected by grief, guilt, or other psychological or physical injuries following abortion should receive competent and compassionate care.

Yet these issues have been mostly neglected in the past due to the great polarization caused by the ongoing political battles over abortion.  Now is the time to clearly address these concerns.

I thank you in advance for you support for including this important policy statement in the Party's upcoming platform.


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